Your Personal Product Compliance Partner


Are you tired of having problems with your products? Products being recalled, products being returned by customers, increasing customer claims and complaints? Products that are not safe to use? Are you looking for a way to get control of your suppliers? So that the quality of the products that your company buys and sells meets the requirements of the market? We can help you do it.

Our aim is to enable you to manage the compliance of the non food products that you want to sell in the European markets. With our knowledge and tools, you will be able to do it in the most efficient way possible. Saving time, reducing costs and mitigating risks at the same time:
– Within your supply chain you will know, who is responsible for what. You will no longer take on responsibility for things that you have no control over.
– You will be able to know what questions to ask your suppliers with regards to your products.
– You will know what documentation is required for you to prove that your products comply.
– You will be able to source suppliers of compliant products.
– You will be able to reduce product related recalls, complaints and claims.
– By selling compliant products you will be adding value to your product range.


ProductIP was founded in 2008 by Maarten van der Dussen and Caspar ter Horst. They both noticed an increasing need for more efficient ways to manage product compliance. This was mainly a result of the growing emphasis on compliance and an increasing consumer demand for safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly products from a sustainable supply chain. Maarten and Caspar combine over 50 years of experience in regulatory and compliance issues in the field of industrial and consumer products and therefore decided to join forces.


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