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Brexit deal! Brace for impact!

Brexit deal! Brace for impact!


ProductIP experts: 'Brexit has a major impact on product compliance.'

We have seen various publications suggesting that the impact on trade would be customs formalities, import duties, recovering VAT, etc. When it comes to non-food consumer goods / manufactured goods, we fundamentally disagree. All those new formalities are only relevant if you can legally sell the goods in the UK market. Your product must comply with product legislation before you think about custom formalities, etc.

As of January 1st 2020, the UK has left the EU. On December 24th, the EU and the UK have reached a trade agreement. The impact of this trade agreement will be significant if you sell non-food consumer goods, "manufactured goods", from the EU to the UK and vice-versa!

Why? Because the UK per 1 Januari 2021 will have its own product legislation. As a result, (not an extensive list)

  • Your UK or your EU customer will become an importer, with all the obligations;
  • You cannot place a product on the UK (nor the EU) market without a contact address for market surveillance authorities (in the EU), Trading Standards (in the UK). You will need to add information to the product now and adapt packaging and labelling artwork at a later stage. Will you have an address in the EU or UK, or will it be your customers, or have you appointed an Authorised Representative? ProductIP offers both EU and UK Authorised Representative services (conditions will apply).
  • The UK will draft its own chemical legislation (UK-REACH), has its own register for cosmetics, and more.
  • Sure they acknowledge the situation as it is per end of this year. You can sell what has been placed on the market using CE. But as soon as the EU change legislation, the compliance evidence needed will start to differ, and UK CA will be the new rule. With its own technical file, with its own compliance evidence, with its own declaration of conformity. 
  • And there is more. Special arrangements for Northern Ireland. All sort of things happening with Notified Bodies. Etc.

With ProductIP, you can create technical files to demonstrate compliance with the new UK-legislation. Stress-free product compliance.

Compliance Tuesday, January 26th, we have an event scheduled to tell you all about the latest developments. Access is free; registration required via this link.

PS Contact us via if you need a UK or EU authorised representative, or both.

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