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Brexit in ProductIP | FAQ's

Brexit in ProductIP | FAQ's


The UK has left the European Union (EU) and the transition periode ends at 1 January 2021. ProductIP has updated the entire system for Brexit. In this blog you will read the FAQ's on this adjustment.

Q: When does Brexit start in ProductIP?
A:  It has already started, you can create technical files for the UK now provide that the market release date is after 1 January 2021.

Q: Can I clone an “EU28” file into an UK file?
A: Yes, you can clone an EU file and then change the region of the cloned file to UK.

Q: Can I change the region of my extended technical file from EU to UK?
A: Yes; you can change from EU to UK and backwards without any problems and without additional costs.

Q: What is the difference between United Kingdom and Great Britain?
A: The full name of the UK is “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales, it does not include Northern Ireland. Brexit changes the legislation only for England, Wales and Scotland, for example UKCA marking instead of CE marking.

Q: Where can I find Northern-Ireland?
A: Due to the “Northern Ireland Protocol” or the Irish Backstop the EU legislation, rules and product standards are still applicable in Northern Ireland. You will therefore find Northern-Ireland as a country in Europe.

Q:  I want to create a technical file for the EU and for the UK, what are the costs?
A: The costs are as usual, in this case you create and pay for two technical files.

Do you have questions on Brexit and the implications for your ProductIP technical file? Please let us know. 

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