Published on: Wed 17 June 2020

Brexit preparedness notices: Industrial products

During the article 50 negotiations, the European Commission (EC) has published so called preparedness notices for specific sectors. Now in view of the end of the transition periode, the EC is updating these preparedness notices. ProductIP will publish the relevant preparedness notices for product compliance. In this blog post: industrial products. 

The subjects covered in the preparedness notice are:

A. Legal situation as of the end of the transition period
1. Identification of economic operators
2. Conformity assessment procedures and notified bodies
3. Accreditation

B. Relevant separation provisions of the withdrawal 
1. Industrial products placed on the EU or the UK market before the end of the transition period
2. Transfer of information from a UK body to an EU notified body and vice-versa

C. Applicable rules in Northern Ireland ater the end of the transition periode

Annex: Indicative list of Union Product Legislation

The preparedness notice can be downloaded though this link (opens in new tab).

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