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EU & UK Authorized Representative Service

EU & UK Authorized Representative Service

EU as well as the post-Brexit UK legislation require companies to provide a person or entity responsible for product compliance information. One established inside the EU or the UK, that takes care of the communication with the authorities. The address of the person or entity needs to be on the product label, on the packaging, as well as on conformity declarations. This is essential to keep access to the market. Failing to do so is a formal non-conformity

Pressure to comply is mainly coming from your customers, retailers, importers and fulfilment service providers. Why? Because in the legislation they will be held responsible for product compliance of all products that do not comply with this local entity requirement.

There is a solution to secure keeping access to the market. One that ensures you keep access to the market and takes the pressure away from your customer or fulfilment service provider. One that also can take care of communication with authorities. One that is instantly available and does not require you to go to the stressful and costly progress of registering and maintaining a local entity: ProductIP Authorised Representative (AR) Services.

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