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AFNOR standard for barrier masks (also DIY-masks)

AFNOR standard for barrier masks (also DIY-masks)


The French standardisation organisation AFNOR Groupe (AFNOR) has published a document with requirements for barrier basks (AFNOR-SPEC-S76 version 1).


The documents are published free of charge and can be downloaded in english here.

AFNOR-SPEC-S76 version 1 is intended for both mask manufacturers and the public and provides guidance on how to make masks for all healthy individuals and supplements the range of good hygiene practices that are essential for tackling the coronavirus epidemic.

The scope of the document is:

  • The document specifies the minimum requirements for the manufacture, design and performance of the barrier masks and also the testing methods for the barrier masks, which may be reusable, intended to reduce the risk of general transmission of the infectious agent. 
  • It harmonises the minimum requirements applicable to devices that are alternative to respiratory protective masks and surgical masks and provides support for potential makers of these barrier masks.
  • The document contains design and use recommendations for industrial serial manufacture that could be performed by non-specialists in the design of barrier masks, and also for artisanal making (or DIY) by people having the necessary materials and competences.  

This document does not apply to filtering half masks used as respiratory protective devices against particles and covered by NF EN 149:2006+A1:2009, nor to medical face masks covered by NF EN 14683+AC:2019.


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