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Are you importing or manufacturing particle face masks?



The first published recalls of facemaks in 2020 are a fact! Consider if you are making these mistakes, because your product may be at risk.

Last week the European Commission published 4 cross-border face masks products that pose a serious risk (link to the products on Safety Gate). The alerts were submitted by the Belgian market surveillance authorities.

The product do not comply with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation and the relevant European standard EN 149. Of all 4 products the particle/filter retention of the material is insufficient (resp. measured value ≤ 76 %, ≤ 49 %, ≤ 86% and ≤ 75 %). The result is that an excessive amount of particles or microorganisms might pass through the mask, increasing the risk of infection if not combined with additional protective measures. 

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