Published on: Tue 19 May 2020

Belgium proposes to ban UV-C lamps in non-hospital setting

The Belgian government has published a draft Royal Decree planning banning the placing on the market and use of UV-C lamps for disinfection purposes in non-hospital settings in the context of the fight against Covid-19. 

According to the belgian authorities, the ban is justified because:

  • The effects of UV-C can increase the risk of cancer and eye damage, they are not recommended for use in human presence (WHO, 2019); 
  • In relation to the safety of UV-C use, the possibilities of generalised use in public places are limited because conventional UV-C light sources constitute a risk of both skin cancer and eye damage (WHO, 2019).

The draft decree has been reported to the European Commission with number 2020/0303/B (link).

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