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CENELEC publishes guide for face coverings

CENELEC publishes guide for face coverings

CENELEC has published a guide (CWA 17553) to minimum requirements for community face coverings, intended for use by people not displaying any clinical symptoms of viral or bacterial infection and who do not come into contact with people displaying such symptoms.

The document specifies the minimum requirements for single use or reusable community face coverings intended for general public. These minimum requirements include:
- design,
- performance,
- test methods,
- packaging,
- marking and,
- information for use.
This document is not intended for community face coverings for juniors under the age of 3.

The guide can be downloaded via this link (opens in new tab). 

For the users of the ProductIP platform and product category 'General merchandise - Barrier or community masks (not medical, not PPE)'. We have added the guide to the product category. Update your technical file to show the guide CWA 17553 in your technical file. 

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