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NEN publishes guidance for face masks

NEN publishes guidance for face masks


The Dutch normalisation organisation NEN published today a document (NEN-spec) with recommendations on non medical face (barrier) masks. 


Subjects covered in the document are:

  • What is the design for a face mask?
  • Which material is suitable for face masks?
  • how do you make your own face mask?
  • How do you use a face mask?
  • How can the face mask be cleaned?
  • Or how, as a manufacturer, do you pack the mouthguard and what information should be included with the product?

The NEN-spec can be downloaded in .pdf (in dutch) free of charge via the website of the NEN. Unfortunately we have not found an english version.

Looking for guidance on face masks written in english?

The French standardisation organisation AFNOR Groupe (AFNOR) has published a document with requirements for barrier basks (AFNOR-SPEC-S76 version 1). We wrote a blog post on this AFNOR-document earlier (link to post). 


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