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New Guide on UV-C online

New Guide on UV-C online


As a result of the Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic new and alternative disinfection methods are being discovered. Among these new methods there is UV-C light/radiation. At ProductIP we see many products with solutions using UV-C and have received many questions on this subject. For example, which legislation applies to UV-C, which standards should be applied, is UV-C for use in hospitals only, what are the dangers of UV-C, etc.. In the latest ‘ProductIP guide for supplying the EU market with UV-C lights’ we will provide you with introductory information on UV-C. (link to guide)


Subjects covered in this ProductIP guide are:

  • What is light
  • What is UVC
  • Germicidal effect of UV-C • Use of UV-C in products
  • Current use of UV-C
  • How to apply UV-C safely
  • Precautions when using UV-C
  • Evironmental risks
  • Apply standards to your product
  • Use of UV-C in companies as a disinfectant
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • UV-C in the hospital sector
  • Outlook
  • How can ProductIP help?

Download the ProductIP Guide on Supplying the EU Market with UV-C lights here.


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