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Overview of national COVID-19 measures [updated 28-4-'20]

Overview of national COVID-19 measures [updated 28-4-'20]


In the attachment you will find the updated version of our COVID-19 measure overview. 

This overview is a summary of the most important information related to businesses and is updated when new information is published. Download the overview here.




Most notably changes:

Czechia (CHE)

  • From Friday, April 24, permitted outdoors exercise will be limited to a maximum of ten participants (unless they are family members or professional sportsmen). Distance of at least two meters will need to be respected. Churches can be attended with up to 15 people present. Association activities of no more than 10 people are permitted.
  • The government has also decided to speed up the planned opening up of shops and establishments . From Monday April 27, in addition to the already announced smaller shops and establishments, larger retailers will be able to open, of up to 2,500 square meters of sales area. Gyms can also open, but without the possibility of using changing rooms and showers, and zoos and botanical gardens (except indoor parts). All operators will have to meet strict hygiene conditions and requirements, such as keeping a distance of at least two meters between customers, disinfection or shop equipment. 
  • From Monday, new measures in education also apply and the rules for crossing state borders will change from Monday 27, allowing also EU citizens that come for work or university studies to enter the country.
  • As of 30 March 2020, “smart quarantine” started in testing mode (mapping the contacts of positively tested individuals for COVID-19 using modern information technologies).

Netherlands (NLD)

  • Ban of all public events that require permits from March 23 until at least June 1. All other gatherings are also banned with an exception in place for events that are required by law (such as the running of parliament), essential get-together to ensure the continuity of a firm (both of max 100 people), funerals and wedding ceremonies (max 30 people) and religious get-togethers (max 30 people). Bars, restaurants, sport clubs and coffee shops are closed until 28 April. Supermarkets remain open.
  • All public events remain cancelled unto 1 September. This is an extension from the previous date of 1 June (22 April).

United Kingdom (GBR)

  • In a move to bolster high-tech start-ups, the new GBP 500 million Future Fund provides between 125k and 5m for UK based-business as long as the cash is matched by private investors (i.e. government is committing 250 million, with the other 250 million expected to be raised by the private sector). Start-ups must have previously raised at least 250k from private within the last 5 years investors to be eligible. The scheme will be launched in May, is initially open until September and will be delivered by the British Business Bank (20 April). If the government loan is not repaid within three years, it gets automatically converted into an equity stake at 20 percent discount to the valuation set in the next founding round. 
  • Smaller businesses focused on R&D can also apply for an additional GBP 750 million in grants and loans (20 April).


Please note that the document is based on the information published by the OECD. No rights can therefore be derived from it and it is for information purposes only.

If you would like to receive the document in another format (for example in .xlsx), please let us know. 


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