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ProductIP publishes guidance for handgels

ProductIP publishes guidance for handgels


Surely hand gel cannot be a complex product? In fact, it is a very complex product. It could be a biocidal product, it could be cosmetics. it could even be classified as both. ProductIP has created a guidance document to help you find your way through the legislation. 

The top 5 of FAQ that will be covered:

  1. What is/are the Active Substances and their approval status for the Product Type?
  2. Who is/are the suppliers of these Active Substances?
  3. Are these suppliers listed on the Article 95 list?
  4. Is the actual biocidal product itself registered in each Member State you want to sell?
  5. Is all information in the relevant language(s) for these Member State you want to sell?

Find out why these questions are relevant and more in the ProductIP guide for supplying the EU market with Hand Gel or Sanitizing Wipes.

The document can be downloaded here

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