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Sweden notified draft law on alcoholic preparations

Sweden notified draft law on alcoholic preparations


The Swedish government has published a draft legislative act with the European Commission (EC) on denaturing ethanol in desinfectants. 

According to the notice to the EC disinfectants are a necessary component to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19. The purpose of supplementing approved denaturants in ethanol to be used in the manufacture of disinfectants is to increase the availability of disinfectants.

The draft means that there will be more alternative substances for denaturing ethanol in disinfectants. The ethanol in disinfectants with an ethanol content of 75 percent by weight or less can then be denatured with 20 g of methyl ethyl ketone or 3 g of tertiary butanol in addition to 100 g of isopropanol.

The emergency procedure is used for this draft legislation. 

The full text of the notice to the EC can be read here (opens in new tab).
Read more on what emergency legislation is here (opens in new tab). 

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