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Where can I certify masks in EU? New company Netherlands

Where can I certify masks in EU? New company Netherlands


Tests of masks are performed by laboratories. The European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) has recently published a list of accredited laboratories accredited by accreditation bodies in Europe for testing facial masks. These companies are accredited for the scope EN 14683 and/or EN 149. The list can be accessed here

Addition to the list

At the time of publication of the list, there were no laboratories in the Netherlands accredited for testing facial masks against the standards EN 14683 (medical facial masks) and/or EN 149 (filtering half masks to protect against particles). ProQares B.V. is a new laboratory which is now accredited for testing facial masks. This makes ProQares B.V. the first company in The Netherlands to be accredited for testing masks in accordance with the EN 149 standard.


Want to know more about the standards to comply to? Read our free Guide for for supplying the EU market with surgical masks and or respitory devices

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