Get a grip on product compliance

Supplying the market with consumer goods is a complex task. You need to be in sync with the trends; the price needs to be low; the quality needs to be high; the goods to be delivered on time, and last but not least the products need to comply with the relevant requirements.

The (OEM) supplier, the importer, the brand-owner / manufacturer, the distributor / retailer or e-tailer , all play part in this process. The New Legislative Framework has clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all non-food consumer goods, CE related directive applicable or not.

ProductIP is a multi-user web-based solution enabling cooperation between supply chain partners with different roles around a comprehensive requirement list, that is the best in terms of price and availability. We cover European and National legislation for non-food consumer goods.

We talk products, not legislation
All you need to do is answer questions on where you want to sell the product(s), when you want to sell them, what product it actually is and some detailing of product related aspects. Based on this we generate for you a requirement list, a list of references of relevant legislation and applicable standards including amendments. This is the start of a so-called technical file.

Stay in control
Collect test reports and other information from your suppliers and use this evidence to sign-off the requirement list. Our MatchIt tool saves time and improves the quality of documents review. Keep overview of the status of the files and the performance of your suppliers.

Stay up-to-date
Changes in the regulatory environment affect the status of the files and so do documents that expire. You can see which files need new evidence to meet the changed situation. This enables you to plan and budget your actions. ProductIP provides you with your product compliance horizon.

Start today without investment
You can instantly start using ProductIP without any investment in IT and even without any team. Start using our team acting as your expert secretariat and migrate the work to your own team in the months to follow using the already created technical files as examples and templates.


FAST icon
Requirement Checklist
24/7 access to the most comprehensive requirement list for non-food consumer products with references to European and National regulations of 28+ countries.
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Technical files made easy
A complete multi-user web-based solution instantly available for creating, managing and sharing technical files for non-food consumer products.
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File Assembly Support Team – FAST Service
No manpower available? Use our expert team as yours!
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Label Compliance Check visual
EU Authorised Representation
The ideal solution for those located outside the European Union who aim to sell products under their own brand.
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Label Compliance Check
Ensure your product has the right labels and warnings. We can even check instruction manuals.
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Quick Scan for RoHS / Packaging Compliance
Instantly know if there is lead in solder, cadmium in plastic or if the packaging is PVC or not, or more 
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Compliance goes mobile!
Generate up-to-date requirement lists on the go and share them instantly with your potential suppliers
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Ask the Expert
An answer to all regulatory questions is just an e-mail away.
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Product Risk Assessment Training
A one day training for procurement and quality professionals on product compliance legislation and the impact it has on your operation.
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