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6. Review and MatchIt!

We are working on providing you English videos. We allready have German and Chinese videos. You can also watch these.

(Chinese)How to link document to requirements

Watch German video about linking documents to requirements

Review and Match It!

Go to the Documents tab and click the underlined document name of the document in the first row.
The document will be opened in a special viewer page

Edit metadata

Click on the [EDIT METADATA] icon. Add the information you consider relevant for structuring your documentation. Set the expiration date if it is relevant. It will be a trigger to warn you in the future. Make sure the document type is set, adjust it if you think the supplier has made a mistake. Press [Save].

Using MatchIt!

Now click on the green [Match It! to requirements] icon. The Match It! tool will scan the document to offer you a suggestion to which requirements it should be linked. In case the document type cannot be scanned the document category will be used to create a suggestion.

Adjust the selection if you think it should be adjusted and choose the blue button to link the document to the selected requirements. Choose the green button if the document provides sufficient evidence to fulfil the requirement.

Click on the arrow to the right of the document name in the top of the window to move to the next document. Repeat Edit metadata and Using Match It! until you have covered all documents.