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3. Create Technical File

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(Chinese)How to create your own technical file in ProductIP  

Watch German video about creating a Technical file

Technical File wizard

Start the process by clicking on [ Create a new Technical File ]

In order to generate the correct requirement list that is the basis for your technical file, the Platform will ask you to provide the following information:

  • The article name,
  • The article number,
  • A description of the article,
  • The market introduction date, (The approximate date that the product will go through the EU customs)
  • Supplier contact details (each account has it's own address book)
  • The countries in which you plan to sell the products,
  • The product category - This requires some experience. In case you have doubts, choose the product you think matches your product and finish the Q&A that follows.

In the final step of this wizard you can choose [FAST] in case you would like our File Assembly Team to act on your behalf by adjusting the file for you, contacting the supplier, collecting and reviewing documents and more. If you don’t have sufficient credit balance, finish the wizard first, purchase additional credits and upgrade the service level to FAST.

A technical file can cover additional similar products from the same supplier. For example colour variations or different sizes. You can add additional articles on the product tab once you have completed the wizard