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5. Invite your supplier

We are working on providing you English videos. We allready have German and Chinese videos. You can also watch these.

(Chinese)How to invite your supplier to upload documents into your file in ProductIP

Watch German video about inviting your supplier

Invite the suppliers so they can upload documents also

Go to the INVITE tab and click on [Request documents].

The invite is an e-mail from your account in the platform to the
supplier arranging that they can perform one task namely:

- upload documents that they have into your file,
- indicate what kind of a document it concerns (test report, certificate and so).

Once they have done that and sign off that task, they can no longer access your file.
After you have reviewed their effort, you can assign them a task to provide any missing information, and this will give them access again,
until they sign off this task.

If required, ProductIP can support your supplier when it comes to using the ProductIP Platform.

Your supplier can only see documents that they have uploaded themselves and don't have access to other information or other files.
You can instantly deny your supplier access to a file by deleting the invite.

Below an example of how the invite screen looks


Invite screenshot

What happens next?

On the Timeline tab inside your technical file, you can see that you sent the the invite. 

Once your supplier accepted the Invite, An open activity will show on the Timeline. 
This should look the example below.

timeline example

Should you have any comments about the Invite, enter them in the comment section of the activity. Your comment will be sent to the supplier.