Click on the "Add metadata" button.

Here you can edit the metadata of your document. We advice you to add the document categories.


Redaction tool

We automatically hide information about your supplier when you share a file, but this cannot be done automatically for what is in your documents!

With the editorial tool in the viewer, you can remove such information and create a document that you can share. We immediately add a watermark to that document so that the recipient knows that you have the document that is the basis for this edited document available in case it is needed.

The redaction toolbar:

Draw a rectangular area to cover what needs to be removed:

Delete the area if you made a mistake:

Remove all redactions:

Create a new document by "burning" the edited parts onto the original document:

Prefer a detailed description?

View the redaction tool guide

You need to read and check your document for the following:

  • Is this about my prodcut?
  • Who performed the test?
  • When was the test performed
  • What is the result? 

When the documents meet the necessary requirements, Match-it can be used to link the document to the requirements, so that you have an overview of whether you have the complete documentation. In case of a transition period, you can either tick off the requirements or declare them not applicable.

Open the next tab to discorver how Match it! works.

Your collected evidence has to be linked to requirements.

Match it! provides a solution for this. This tool scans your documents and suggests which requirements it can be linked to.

How to use Match It!:

  1. Click on the 'Edit metadata' button to add the information that you see as relevant for structuring your documentation (Setting an expiry date will alert you in the future)
  2. Click on the green 'Match It! to requirements
  3. Match it! shows a suggestion, so please tick the appropriate requirements.

You still need to read the document, and verify that the document is relevant and that the documents are compliant.

After checking the requirements, you can choose the blue button, document is relevant, but not yet sufficient. Select the green button if the requirement is fulfilled. Your requirement list will then be updated.

Important notes: 

  • In case the document type cannot be scanned the document category will be used to create a suggestion.
  • Match it! only reads the document and gives the message 'not found' if the article number isn ot in the document


What if Match it! can't find a suggestion?

You can click on show to open a list of requirements. The entire list of requirements is shown and you must make a selection of where the document can be linked to.



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