Helpful tips for your requirements list:

image of requirements

The image above shows the outer left of the requirements list. All standards are grouped. Hold your mouse on a group for a second te get some explanation of the group.


standards example

This is an example of standards. These you must find back in your documents.

Additional information

If you do not recognise what document is needed, we provide additional information underneath the "info" icon on the right side of a table row.
info highlighted

Not applicable requirements

Make requirements you don't have to meet, not applicable. On the right side of a table row you can select the icon ''Declare not applicable"

not applicable highlighted

Category DOC, RISKS, A, B1, B2, B3 are related to your Technical file

  • DOC - Declaration of Conformity
  • RISKS - Risk assessments
  • A - Typer testing - Recall and fine
  • B1 - Production - Recall and fine 
  • B2 - Production - Sales-stop and fine
  • B3 - Production - Warning and fine

Category T, C, D, E, F, G are Business risks

  • T - Transport
  • C - Performance and specifitaion
  • D - Corporate responsibilites
  • E - Business critical requirements
  • F - Company specific requirements
  • G - Guides, Decisions, Recommendations and Test methods

We have written an article that provides a full explanation about the categories.

You can remove requirements from your requirement list, but only the ones which you have manually added.

This works as follows:

  1. Click on [Edit regions]

  2. A dialog to edit regions will open

  3. Do not change your regions but click on [Review changes]

  4. Select the requirements you want to remove

  5. Finally, Click [Agree and Save] when you are done

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