Getting started

This is an overview of your Technical Files

If you do not have any technical files yet, start creating one by clicking 'create a new technical file'

1. Buy at least two credits if you do not allready have them

2. Click 'create new technical file'

3. Answer the questions of the wizard. The platform will ask you to provide the following information:

  • The name of the article, the article number and a description
  • The market introduction date (The approximate date that the product will go through the EU customs)
  • Supplier contact details
  • The countries in which you plan to sell the products
  • The product category - This requires some experience. In case you have doubts, choose the product you think matches your product and finish the Q&A that follows

4. you created your first technical file, now you can start uploading or requesting your documents from the documents tab inside your article

Technical files overview

We automatically monitor the requirement list in all files. In the overview of your technical files, you instantly see if the requirement list is still relevant for an upcoming order.

Inside each technical file, there is a requirement list. If there are two versions of the standards valid you can choose which one you want to use. The expiry date is mentioned in the overview.


Do you need more Guidance? Follow our complete guide to technical files

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