Label Compliance

What label information should be included on the product packaging and labeling? What labels do I need? In what languages do I need to provide the product manual or product instructions?

This is becoming an increasingly complex matter, we provide guiding and assist you with checking the labels and make sure the instructions/manuals are supplied in the right language.

If you send us the packaging, artwork & manual per country, we will be able to check against applicable directives and regulations for the mandatory:

  • Warnings, hazard and precautionary statements
  • Symbols, pictograms and markings
  • Obligations on traceability, name and address


The prices in the first row are per country and for one language only.
For countries with multiple languages, e.g. Belgium or Switzerland, the additional costs per language for that country are listed in the second row.

  Basic* Complex**
EU or EFTA country € 285 € 575
Additional language, same country € 185 € 185

These are mostly products without manual, instructions, warnings or product specific mandatory labelling elements plus apparel and footwear. Normally only covered under the General Product Safety Directive and without the obligation to carry the CE mark.

Examples are: Apparel, textile, bags, leather products, shoes, blankets, deco, cutlery, dish ware, kitchenware

Pay as You Go customers €285 Each additional language for the same country (e.g. Belgium, Switzerland) €185

Products with a single function but with mandatory warnings and/or instructions.

Products with substances and as such with chemical risks. Complex products with one or more functions and with the obligation to carry the CE mark.

Examples are :
  • Cosmetics, Detergents, Paints, Glues and other substances
  • Candles, fitness accessories furniture. Basic but with warnings and/or instructions
  • Automotive parts, aftermarket automotive parts. ECE regulations mandate instructions.
  • Machinery, Power tools 
  • Personal Protective Equipment, Medical devices
  • Electronic Articles, Wireless products, Luminaries
  • Toys
  • Construction Products/Materials

A Label Compliance Check is typically completed within 5 working days. 

Take a look at an example of a Label Compliance Check report.

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