Who needs a Compliance Dojo?

April 24th, 2017

Wouldn’t it be ideal when you could be working on product compliance in a rhythm? Every two weeks or perhaps even every week take a look at the performance of your suppliers, check the status of the pending actions, compliment those who do well, push those that need pushing. You have told us that this indeed would be ideal however at the office there always seems to be something more urgent, more important in the moment. With the introduction of the Compliance Dojo we solve this!

Keep a rhythm in working on product compliance never has been more easy.

All you have to do is to make an appointment with yourself to work on product compliance at any of our Compliance Dojos in one of the ProductIP offices in Ede, Hamburg, Hong Kong or Shenzhen. We have WiFi, coffee, tea, water and most important, on Compliance Tuesday it’s most likely that all our experts are in-house as well. So it’s easy to get tips and tricks around regulation and or use of the platform. Bring your own laptop, that’s it!

Our Compliance Dojos are open every Compliance Tuesday from 13h30 till 17h00. Access is free, reservation required, limited seatings available, full is full;

I will reserve my space now!

“In a dojo you practice what is being taught so over time you embody the subject matter.”