New headers for requirements

July 19th, 2017

We have changed the way the information in the requirement list in your technical files is presented. We organised it around main legal references but as a result sometimes a standard for electrical safety, for example the EN 60950, was presented under the Low Voltage Directive, sometimes under General Product Safety Directive, sometimes under EMC. Now we have grouped it under relevant compliance / safety aspects; all related to electrical safety, chemical safety, safety of toys and child-related products. Now the standards are always presented under the same risk category. For products that need to carry the CE mark the references under the header EU Declaration of Conformity indicate which directives should be mentioned on the DoC, which you can generate from the technical file as well.

We learned from our users that the new layout makes more sense, gives better insight in the relevancy of certain requirements, and is consistent over various product groups. For us it also opens the way for creating files in ProductIP for non EU regions, a feature requested by many of you and we are working hard to enable this.

Download PDF about the new headers here