Our new redaction tool is very well received by the market

December 22nd, 2017

We just released a new functionality. Integrated in our document viewer is now a redaction tool. A what? A redaction tool!

This tool enables you to erase information from documents before sharing them with your customer. We also link the redacted document instantly to the same requirements as the original document. We also set the sharing permissions OFF for the original document and ON for the redacted document. Last but not least we add a watermark to the document so that it is clear for the receiver that the original is available in case it is required.

We shared this redaction tool with some of our selected customers and they love it. Here some of the feedback from that we received hours after sharing it with them.

I tested this redaction tool today. The sceptic that I am, I used the most problematic pdf I own to prove it weak. Guess what, this redaction tool works miracles.
I am happy that I was wrong being sceptic. Up to now, hiding Information was a cumbersome process. Now it is fun.

Ich habe die neue Funktion gleich einmal ausprobiert. Ist echt super.

I just spoke with our international sales department about the new feature and they want to use it from now on for all reports.

Before the redaction tool, I had to download the file from ProductIP. Most of the time, the pdf has restrictions that prevent hiding. So I had to remove them with a tool. Then I use a pdf editor, to blacken the unwanted parts (sometimes they are part of a picture, so a text search does not help). Some cases, the editor does not work because of restrictions still block that. I need to send this to another colleague then, who has a different editor that works (e-mail back and forth added to the workload). I safe the edited pdf ( while I am at it, I reduce size, allowing for mail attachment accepted by various inboxes). I import the pdf into ProductIP. I tag the file, so it is marked as (neutral) Copy.
Now with the redaction tool, I open the pdf, mark what I want to hide, safe back and I am done! And that works with the most troublesome documents just the same.

The redaction tool is instantly available for all our users. The functionality this moment is free for both Pay As You Go and Enterprise users,

Download information about our new redaction tool here.