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10 Radioactive Health Products Recalled!


Dutch market surveillance authorities recalled 10, so-called health products, with “negative ions”. These concern products with skin contact such as bracelets, necklaces and a sleeping mask. The reason for the recall is that these products emit ionising radiation. Even though the amount of radiation is low, health damage might occur when products are used continuously for a long time.

You can find more details about the products on the authorities' website. Although in Dutch, you can identify the products via the pictures provided. The brands involved are:

  • Energy Armor
  • Magnetix
  • Quantum Pendant
  • Basic Nero.

In case of doubt, please check if you have these products in your possession. If so, store them away carefully, preferably in the original packaging. Please do NOT dispose of them as regular waste. Your seller will contact you on how to return these. If they do not do that in the coming days, contact them yourself.

We expect more actions in the other Member States.

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