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A new Toy Story!


Yes, Toy Story 5, the movie, is due to be released in 2026.

But this note is about the upcoming Toy Safety Regulation, that should be released earlier than the movie.
Last Tuesday all 37 MEPs (European Parliament Members) of the IMCO Committee unanimously voted in favour of the new EU rules on toy safety.

The Toy Safety Regulation shall reduce the number of unsafe toys and improve child protection by:

  • Banning more chemicals from toys.
  • Introducing digital product passports for each toy.
  • Guiding SME manufacturers in risk assessments on safety, security and privacy.
  • Establishing the highest standards for children's well-being, including mental health.
  • Adding mandatory third-party assessments for artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in toys.

The draft text will be put to a vote at an upcoming plenary session.

Unfortunately, some delay will occur due to European Parliament elections on 6-9 June 2024.


Link to the Toys Safety training:

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