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Annual report Safety Gate (RAPEX) Published


The European Commission published its annual report on recalled dangerous non-food products.

These products are signaled on Safety Gate, previously known as RAPEX.

Findings of the report

The top 3 of recalled products and their issues:

  1. MOTOR VEHICLES - Technical problems.
  2. TOYS - Dangerous chemicals and button batteries.
  3. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - Exposure to live parts and overheating.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks also made up a substantial part of the recalled products.

Will your webshop be crawled this year?

The European Commission is launching the ‘web crawler'. The new tool detects online offers of dangerous, recalled products.

Market surveillance authorities will track down the provider and order the effective withdrawal of these products.

The fact sheet and report can be downloaded here; and here you can find the press release.

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