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Are "Lieferkettengesetz" and "de-harmonisation" of packaging markings IFA Berlin party poopers?


Since the last IFA, the world has changed massively for all of us. But the +25,000 ProductIP users are rising to the challenges. They increase their efficiency by digitalising product compliance processes, outsourcing complex tasks to a transparent supply chain, transferring insecure communication to an ISO27000 certified environment, getting ahead through real-time updates, and sharing know-how in the expert network. They are making the right decisions!
Of course, supply chain legislation and product compliance are not the main topics of the IFA, but if you do not give these topics the necessary priority in your daily business, you will not survive in the long run. 

The ProductIP experts are on the IFA. Leave your details, and we will contact you to set an appointment! An efficient way for an initial introduction.

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