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Being green. How important is that for your brand?


Every year we are wasting the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of Sweden and Hungary combined. How can it be? Because 10-25% of the products sold were non-compliant with eco-design regulations, leading to a decrease in potential energy savings of 10%. 


Additionally, 57% of the products sold online were not appropriately labelled or not labelled at all. Not only are these products non-compliant. It is also misleading consumers.

Source: ECA, based on the relevant EU-funded projects’ final reports.

Market surveillance in this legislative area is non-existing. If the Member States want to make progress on the Green Deal, they better get their priorities right. This is an overview of the annual number of laboratory tests performed by market surveillance authorities related to energy consumption. 

Despite the lack of a level playing field, we applaud the companies using ProductIP B.V., working every day to create a successful business based on compliant products. The figures and images are from the 2020 report by the European Commission made available here. Read from point 57 onward.

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