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Blue Bitter Button Batteries



Safety campaigns and awareness-raising leaflets have highlighted the potential lethal risks of button cells or coin-sized lithium batteries in recent years. If necessary, read the article in ProductIPedia to refresh your memory. Still, you can never take enough measures to protect vulnerable small children. The attractive shiny shape of lying around button batteries regularly leads to injuries after children accidentally swallow them. And for this group, warnings are not effective - after all, they cannot read them. Adding a bitter, non-toxic coating is already used by several manufacturers and provides an extra layer of protection. Energizer - a manufacturer of such batteries - recently added another layer: swallowing the batteries leads to a blue mouth and tongue. The batteries contain a dye that dissolves in saliva. In this way it becomes immediately visible that, despite all measures, a small child has swallowed, or at lkeast mouthed, such a battery. This is important because the symptoms after swallowing are not immediately recognisable or alarming. The blue tongue enables parents to take prompt measures and prevent worse in time.


Note: ProductIP declares that it has NO affiliations with or any financial, commercial, legal or professional relationship with Energizer. This article is purely informative.


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