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Glitter law-suit against the European Commission


Goodwill M + G's lawsuit, filed with the General Court (Case T-1125/23), contests the immediate ban on glitter in Christmas decorations, asserting that this ban disproportionately affects their market without effectively serving the regulation's environmental protection goals. The company argues this measure fails the proportionality principle, lacks equal treatment compared to other sectors like cosmetics which received transitional periods, breaches legal certainty due to vague definitions and application, and violates the duty of care by not being grounded in adequate scientific research or fact-finding.

Key Arguments:

  1. Infringement of Proportionality Principle:
    The regulation's immediate ban on certain microplastics is criticized as inappropriate and excessive, lacking consideration for less burdensome alternatives.
  2. Infringement of Equal Treatment Principle:
    Goodwill M + G highlights the absence of a transitional period for the decorations sector, unlike other industries, indicating unequal treatment.
  3. Infringement of Legal Certainty Principle:
    The company points out the regulation's lack of clarity, especially regarding the ban's application to products with normal use glitter, complicating compliance and future planning.
  4. Breach of Duty of Care:
    The lawsuit claims the Commission's decision lacked a factual basis and did not properly assess the impact on affected sectors, like Christmas decorations, without alternatives to banned microparticles.

This case underscores the tension between environmental regulatory intentions and the practical challenges faced by industries adjusting to new compliance landscapes.

Full text of the official document can be found here:

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Through our digital solutions and ProductIPedia resources, we strive to empower our users, their suppliers, and stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of product compliance. This lawsuit against the European Commission's regulation on microplastics exemplifies the challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainable product innovation within regulatory frameworks.

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