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Go Kimberley!

Go Kimberley!


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GO Kimberley!


[the supporting framework, primary structure, or essential part of something.]

[A winter sport, where the competitor rides head-first and prone (lying face down) on a flat sledge. Unlike in luge, the racer sprints to accumulate speed before hopping onto the sledge.]

Have you ever raced down an ice labyrinth on a tiny sledge, head first, chest down? That is Kimberley Bos’ bread and butter. She is part of the global top in women's skeleton. Being part of the top is not enough; she wants to be the undisputed number one. She has the talent, needs the best team and the best tools to reach her goal. ProductIP is proud to support Kimberley as a sponsor in achieving this.


Why? Kimberley is from Ede (Netherlands) where we have our main office. She is a local sports hero. There are many parallels between being successful in skeleton as a top sporter, and being successful in retail and trade with compliant products, the core of ProductIP's offering to the market:

  • It requires courage to go down that slope, courage to challenge the status-quo around product compliance.
  • Discipline and rhythm make things happen.
  • Small issues make the difference between success and failure.
  • You never give up. You get up and try again. Learn. Improve.

In the coming 15 months, Kimberley will provide us with insights in her route to achieve her goal. We are sure that she will inspire us all to do great things.

On behalf of team ProductIP; Go Kimberley!

Maarten van der Dussen and Caspar ter Horst

Wonder what it is like to go down a slope on a skeleton sledge?

ProductIP offers stress-free product compliance to companies making manufactured goods available to consumers.

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