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Label Check Service becomes Artwork Check Service: Ensuring Compliance and Quality



We are pleased to announce that our 'label check' service is renamed to 'artwork check' service. This change reflects our commitment to stay aligned with industry terminology and emphasizes the importance of compliant information on product packaging, in manuals and on labels.

Incorrect artwork is seen as an early warning for other issues

Market surveillance authorities often identify product issues through their packaging, labels and manuals. An error in the artwork can be a indicator of deeper product issues as it makes very visible that not all regulatory requirements are followed. This logically raises the question what other requirements may not be compliant.

So be sure that the artwork of your products is correct

For manufacturers, retailers, and trade professionals in the non-food consumer goods sector, maintaining error-free artwork is essential. This effort goes beyond just regulatory compliance; it's about building consumer trust, safeguarding your brand's reputation, and preventing costly recalls. Ensuring that your products' artwork is compliant is a vital step in responsible manufacturing and retailing. It represents more than just a strategy to avoid recalls—it signifies a commitment to quality and safety.

This is where you should start

  • Manufacturer / Brand-Owner:  Integrate artwork checks into your quality assurance processes to ensure your templates are compliant.
  • Retail and Online Seller (Distributor): Incorporate random artwork checks for both private label and branded items into your mandatory post-market surveillance efforts. This approach not only increases supply chain awareness but also fulfills your responsibility to provide proper, compliant information in the languages of the Member States where you offer your products.

You can count on our support

Our expert team is dedicated to delivering high-quality artwork checks. We aim to ensure your products are not seen as easy targets by regulatory authorities. For more information or to get a quote, please contact us at Let's prioritize compliance to ensure the success of your brand.

Stay Compliant, Stay Ahead


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