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Market seems not ready for RoHS transition



Looking at the questions that we received during the last weeks we concluded that the topic is underestimated.


Less than 100 days to go till RoHS transition day of July 22. Four phthalates will be added to the scope of restricted substances. The scope of products will be extended to now also include cables.


These are some of the questions that we get:

  • Now the RoHS scope will be unlimited, what does that mean?
  • What about cables, spare parts, components?
  • Four phthalates are added to the restrictions. These are also (SVHC’s). What does that mean?
  • Also the other way around. Lead was already restricted under RoHS and is now listed as SVHC. What does that mean?
  • Do I need to update the technical files?
  • Do I need to make new EU DoC’s?
  • What to do with existing stock?
  • And what to do with shipments that are underway?
  • What are the chances that my product contains these phthalates?
  • Homogenous materials? How does that work?
  • How can I recognise a good RoHS test report.
  • Is XRF testing sufficient?

At the same time we see an increase in EU recall notifications based on non-compliance with the RoHS directive, 44 already this year. Besides withdrawal of the products we see that the prosecutor has filed charges against the company. RoHS compliance clearly has become more important for the authorities. Now it is time for the market to act as well.

The mentioned topics and more will be addressed at our workshops in Ede (NL), Augsburg, Hamburg, Hong Hong. Join our workshop on June 4 or 5 and ensure that you will use the remaining time in the best way possible.

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