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Marketing Surveillance 3.0

Last week we had received a DM on our @productip Twitter account.
Someone from a market surveillance authority received so-called redacted documents with a ProductIP watermark and wondered if they were genuine. We confirmed that the ProductIP document viewer has a built-in redaction function. It enables our users to blacken (or whiten) information on documents that they don't want to disclose when sharing information in the supply chain. 
When using the time-saving redaction function, we add a watermark to the redacted document stating that the original document is also available. In addition, we will set the document's status to "not to be shared" automatically.
Sharing compliance information in the supply chain is a common request. The redaction tool and the ProductIP B2B sharing protocol guarantee that you only share the correct information with a clear context for the receiving end. You have now turned this into added value for the supply chain partner, and you can do it 24/7, as long as you have internet access.
What about the communication of market surveillance authorities via a social media channel? It is proof that they are using modern technologies, from XRF scanners to social media, to create a level playing field. Are you?
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In our ProductIPedia you will find helpful information about our redaction tool.

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