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New EU regulation sends shockwave through retail and trade



The EU commission has announced a new regulation on market surveillance that will forever change the way economic operators who are involved in placing non-food products into the hands of EU consumers run their business.

  • Do you know what compliance evidence to collect?
  • Do you have an efficient way to collect, review, organise, share compliance evidence?
  • Do you have the resources, the knowledge to deal with this? In short: are you ready to engage in this transition in time?


Imagine, what will happen when market surveillance authorities can charge you with all the cost they have in case of a non-compliance!

Imagine, what will happen when retail, e-tail, fulfillment service providers and non-EU distance sellers will get the same responsibilities as importers and brand-owners/manufacturers have today!

Well, in two months time that will become the new reality.

Attend the workshop on May 28th!


On May 27th the new EU regulation will be signed off. At our workshop May 28th you will get the latest insights in the new way the EU is going to deal with compliance of non-food consumer goods.

This new regulation was needed to ensure a level playing field for businesses operating in the European market and to ensure the well-being of EU consumers in a market that is flooded with non-compliant products. The new regulation also includes responsibilities for fulfilment service providers and non-EU distance sellers and increases the responsibilities for retailers and e-commerce platforms to the level of importer and brand-owner.

The EU commission has already signed off another related regulation on the mutual recognition of non-harmonised goods, including food contact materials. This to prevent the impact that national deviations can have on the growth of your business.

Attend the workshop on May 28th!

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