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New locations in Tokyo, Eemshaven and London!

New locations in Tokyo, Eemshaven and London!


We have moved. New locations in Tokyo, Eemshaven and London. We have done two changes in one.

We have moved from hosting on physical servers hosted by Rackspace, to hosting on Cloud servers by Google. 

At the same time, we moved from hosting in Hong Kong to hosting in Tokyo, and from hosting in Frankfurt to hosting in Eemshaven (NL).


Why Tokyo instead of Hong Kong?

We picked a location in the Far East. A site that offers a fast data connection to many of our users who are in that region. But also one that is considered a safe data location from an EU GDPR legislation perspective.

Why Eemshaven (NL) and not Frankfurt?

Our setup has always been redundant, so we need a second hosting site. In 2019 we changed hosting in London to hosting in Frankfurt. Anticipating Brexitwe wanted to have at least one data location in the European Union. The move to Eemshaven now is the result of the fact that the Google Cloud hosting centre is based there.


Data Accessiblity and Security

This move was not a simple "flick of a switch". It is possible thanks to a substantial effort from our IT team, rewriting a large chunk of the foundation of our services. Now it enables us all to benefit from the scalable power of the Cloud.

You and your suppliers are uploading and sharing new compliance evidence in large numbers, every minute, 24/7. Now we can provide all the storage capacity you need.

We are developing new solutions to support you with your compliance efforts. New tools that require more computing power. We have instant access to all the processing power needed.

The new hosting solution does not influence your access to data. It is as reliable and secure as before, and future proof.

PS Our offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and HQ in Ede (NL) remain unchanged, as do our offices in Germany; Augsburg and Hamburg.

We are now also in the process of expanding our presence with an office in London to be able to support you post-Brexit.

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