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New regulation: Mutual Recognition of Goods



Per 19 April 2020 the new Mutual Recognition of Goods regulation ((EU) 2019/515 applies in the EU. This is a major piece of legislation for the freedom om movement of goods. It will have profound impact on selling goods in the EU!


Companies that can prove that their goods are legally marketed in country ‘A’, can now declare with a Mutual Recognition Declaration (or ‘MRD’) that their goods are legally marketed in country A.

If you want to read the whole article, click here to read it.


There is one exception: a member state may have a prior authorisation procedure. This procedure must however be of public interest, recognised by EU-law and must also be proportionate and non-discriminatory.

What does is mean for companies selling goods in the EU?

1. Companies must be able to proof that their goods are legally marketed in country A;
2. Declare compliance with the nationals requirements of Member State A;
3. Legally sell in Member State A;
4. Draw-up the Mutual Recognition Declaration
—> Start selling in Member State ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, etc.

Recently Caspar ter Horst organised a Compliance Tuesday on the Mutual Recognition Declaration.

You can read the whole article and download the presentation here: Go to article.

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