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Product Compliance Dialog - Berlin - 25/26 April 2024


The Product Compliance Dialogue provides a unique platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations about the challenges and opportunities presented by the non-food consumer products related reuglatory "tsunami" from Brussels. From CE to GPSR, from BBWR to PPWR, from Ai to EUDR, PFAS and glitter, from CSRD to Product Liability Directive, this is a landscape that is not easy to navigate on your own.

It’s an invaluable opportunity for professionals to gain insights, share experiences, extending their network, and explore best practices for navigating the complexities of product compliance. Whether you are a manufacturer, brand-owner, (online) retailer, importer, fulfilment sevice provider or involved in the supply chain in any other role, this event will equip you with the knowledge and connections to stay ahead.

Proudly partnering with Reuschlaw as the organiser for this initiative, ProductIP is thrilled to join forces with Intertek, gds, and take-e-way, contributing to the rich tapestry of discussions and networking opportunities over two enlightening days in Berlin. Our Caspar ter Horst will be one of the speakers.

This event is not just about staying updated on the latest regulatory requirements; it's about shaping the future of product safety and compliance together. Join us in making a difference. Secure your ticket here.

For those interested in leveraging the early bird discount, please reach out directly to your ProductIP sales contact. This is a unique opportunity to engage with a community dedicated to making a difference in the realm of product compliance.

Language Note: Please note that all keynotes will be delivered in German

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