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ProductIP Cheers On Local Hero Kimberley Bos

ProductIP has been proudly partnering with Kimberley Bos, a top Dutch skeleton athlete from our hometown of Ede, for over three years. Known for her dedication and excellence, Kimberley has become a local hero and a symbol of perseverance.

Our collaboration with Kimberley is rooted in shared values: pushing boundaries in niche fields, whether it's her in skeleton racing or us in digital compliance consultancy. Both journeys involve overcoming challenges, building support teams, and celebrating the successes that come from hard work and determination.

Recently, we experienced the thrill of watching Kimberley compete at the World Champions Skeleton in Winterberg. Despite a setback due to a technical issue, our team, the "ProductIP Orange Army," was there, full of support and admiration. Seeing the athletes, including Kimberley, tackle the icy track at breathtaking speeds was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

After a day filled with races, interviews, and a quick dinner, Kimberley still made time for a photo with us, highlighting her down-to-earth nature and strong connection with her supporters.

With one more World Cup race coming up and Kimberley in the lead, we're excited and hopeful. She's not just a fantastic athlete; she's an inspiration, proving what dedication and support can achieve. We're behind her all the way!

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