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ProductIP receives ISO 27001 certificate


On November 16th, 2021, the management of ProductIP received formal recognition for their Information Security Management System from TÜV Nederland.

Important for ProductIP and its customers/users as the confidential handling of customer and supplier data is key in their relationship. We are noticing that increasingly our contract partners are asking about information security management.

ProductIP is the international platform that enables companies within the supply chain to efficiently demonstrate to customers, authorities and users that their products meet applicable legislation and buying requirements. Our customers are able to reduce costs, streamline operations, manage suppliers and at the same time put safer, more sustainable products to the market. Our web-based SaaS solution provides quick and easy access to a complete list of applicable legal and company specific requirements for European nonfood consumer and industrial goods. 

Already more than 24,000 users work with ProductIP and technical files are created with a trade value of over 50 billion euros annually. And they have done so without the transformational organization changes or financial investment usually associated with such a change.

At ProductIP we believe it is possible for anybody to sell compliant consumer products at a competitive price. Without hassle.

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