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ProductIP speaks at German Market Surveillance Authorities Conference


The regulatory database is now freely available for authorities.

On 22 and 23 September, the so-called Deutsche Marktüberwachungskonferenz was held from Berlin in an online setting.

The various speakers were highlighting the challenges for authorities and companies to deal with the increasingly complex regulatory situation in Europe and its Member States. At the same time companies and authorities struggle with a lack of fresh compliance management employees, where very experienced staff is increasingly retiring.
The new 2019/1020 Market Surveillance Regulation demands significant change and resources from authorities and supply chain operators.

It was acknowledged that keeping up-to-date with changing regulations and the need for faster communication in the supply chain would require strong and dedicated IT solutions to cope with knowledge and exchange of information in the supply chain. ProductIP was invited to inform the 500 participants present how our solution could benefit efficiency in the supply chain.

At the end of the presentation ProductIP announced that from now on, the use of the ProductIP regulatory knowledge database is available for free to authorities for their internal use as a regulatory reference. Response after the meeting was very positive on the news and we look forward to support both authorities and industry with up-to-date knowledge and efficient collaboration and review IT tools.

All presentations can be found here.

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