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Significant change in the attitude of online sellers!



As the leading solution provider in non-food product compliance, ProductIP B.V. sees a significant positive change in the attitude of online sellers.

"We see more and more online sellers making technical files. This enables them to demonstrate compliance of the items that they sell, not only to market surveillance authorities and customs, but also to platforms such as #Amazon and #eBay."


Online sellers are increasing their efforts in order to be able to demonstrate compliance to market surveillance authorities, customs as well as online platforms such as Amazon and eBay


Our Q&A starts with what they do understand, the product. We take away the complex layer of regulatory mumbo jumbo. Within minutes they have a compliance checklist and share it with their supplier. They upload certificates, test reports, bill of materials, what ever is required, directly into the technical file. What they sell fits in our scope, non-food consumer goods, with or without CE-mark.

Many activate our team as their compliance secretariat so they can focus on business aspects such as marketing. Either using our full service option called FAST, or services such as Organise or Review. 

We also see increasing demand for our label check service. It is important that the label, packaging and the manual have all the correct symbols and markings! This is smart. Flaws in markings and texts on packaging and labels are so called "low-hanging-fruit" for market surveillance authorities. 

One thing is sure. The percentage of online sellers making serious work of product compliance is on the rise! And that is good news!

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