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The content of our first Compliance Tuesday Talk is available!

Over 90 of you stayed with us for the entire session lasting almost one hour. That is amazing. Thank you for that, also on behalf of André Gierke of EPR compact.
We are evaluating setting, sound, and video angle, but that is all secondary and technique. But far more important is the topic. Does this need a repeat? A follow-up? We think so. We are considering December the 6th as we anticipate a draft of the EU packaging directive or regulation will be available. You can already pre-register as the event is in our event calendar.
The content of this Compliance Tuesday Talk about EPR is now available. You can access it via Youtube and a Podcast (live soon). 
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EPR compact Podcast - expected soon. 
Check here if it is already live. This EPR Compact Podcast channel is very informative. 

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