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This week's EU Rapex top five recall notifications



A top 5 of product recall as found on the weekly EU Safety Gate overview (previously known as Rapex).


This time it involves only products that are sold online. It proofs that market surveillance authorities, as well as online platform operators, are stepping up their efforts. Step by step things change.


  1. Climbing Harness by NTR / Ropes & Belt. Not strong enough. Sold on Amazon 
  2. Climbing rope by Al-Nasr. Not strong enough. Sold on Amazon
  3. Climbing Harness by GHB. Not strong enough. Sold on Amazon
  4. Light bulb by BundleBerry. Risk of electrical shock. Sold online.
  5. Skin-Lightening product by Makari. Contains a substance that can cause skin irritation and dermatitis. Sold online.

For a complete overview and detail information go to EU Safety Gate website

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