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Toys safety training


Stay Ahead of the Game: The current EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC will be replaced with new Toy Regulation soon. Learn About the Latest EU Toy Regulation Updates!

🎯 Dive into the Future of Toy Safety: Explore Key Changes such as:

  • Digital Product Passport: Revolutionizing safety and compliance information accessibility.
  • Mental Health Integration: Ensuring toys promote psychological well-being and cognitive development.
  • Stringent Chemical Requirements: Enhanced bans and assessments for safer play.
  • Pictogram Implementation: Streamlining safety warnings for multilingual markets.
  • Consumer Complaint Analysis: Empowering manufacturers with valuable feedback insights.
  • There will be a transitional period of 30 months. 
  • Stocks after the transitional period may not be sold out after 12 months

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