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Update on 2022 pricing


We will adjust our pricing for 2022 aligning with developments of the cost in the market for our operation, developments of regulatory scope that we need to monitor, new functionality of the platform.

Pay As You Go users - credits

Pay As You Go users will pay Euro 42,00 per credit in 2022. The number of credits required for additional services remains the same. Existing credits stay valid until their expiry date.

During the month of December, we have a special offer for those of you who would still like to buy credits against the 2021 pricing. Use voucher code ProductIP100 during the checkout and get 10% credits extra when ordering a hundred.

Enterprise users

Pricing for Enterprise will be increased by 5% on average as well, however, the annual fee remains unchanged. Standing agreements will not be affected during the agreement term.

Label checks

Label check pricing remains unchanged. Note that it won't be possible to pay with credits for label checks in 2022.

A full update of our service listing will be available soon.

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