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Vacuum cleaners energy labelling annulled effective immediately



The objective of the energy consumption legislation is to reflect the performance “during use”. The efficiency of vacuum cleaners is measured with an empty receptacle. Dyson successfully argued that an empty dust bag is not representative for performance during use. This performance element cannot be severed from the rest of Regulation (EU) 665/2013, and therefore this regulation has now been annulled.


It means that energy labels for vacuum cleaners are not possible until a new implementing regulation comes into force. As a consequence vacuum cleaners are exempted from the European Product Register database for Energy Labels (EPREL) until further notice.

Users of ProductIP will see this update in their requirements for relevant files immediately.


This ruling is confirmed by publication on January 7, 2019, in The Official Journal of the European Union of the Judgment of the General Court of 8 November 2018 regarding the energy labelling of vacuum cleaners.

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